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The selection of a specific substrate should take into consideration a number of factors such as the goals of the project, hydrogeology, contaminant profile, geochemistry, plume characteristics, and remedial resources.

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Our approach to substrate dosing is based on site conditions. JRW Bioremediation L.L.C. provides substrates and nutrients for anaerobic bioremediation. The substrates provided include highly soluble materials such as WILCLEAR® sodium and potassium lactate, SoluLac® ethyl lactate, and Wilke Whey® whey powder and slowly soluble substrates including LactOil® soy micro-emulsion, and ChitoRem® chitin complex.

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1. Product Selection:

The selection of a specific substrate should take into consideration several factors such as the goals of the project, hydrogeology, contaminant profile, geochemistry, plume characteristics, and remedial resources. As part of the available resources, the experience of the practitioner as well as the injection crew need to be considered as injection of slurried solids like ChitoRem® under pressure in a low permeability soil can be significantly different than the injection of a miscible liquid like WILCLEAR® into a sandy matrix. Materials handling also can play a role in substrate selection as some substrates promote growth so vigorously that they need to be injected within a few days after being diluted to prevent biomass from growing in the mix tanks, while others have special storage requirements.

2. Readily Soluble Substrates:

Substrates such as JRW’s WILCLEAR®, WILCLEAR Plus®, SoluLac®, and LactOil® are very soluble in water. These materials readily mix reducing substrate preparation costs and move well through groundwater advection.

This characteristic can be beneficial when designing a system to manage groundwater flow through recirculation systems or groundwater pump and treatment systems. Readily soluble substrates are also of significant value when multiple injections are planned. This can be done through either injection or through permanent injection points.

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2.1. LactOil® soy microemulsion

LactOil® soy microemulsion is a unique substrate that combines the solubility characteristics of highly soluble materials like lactates with the dissolution properties of vegetable oil. This allows the material to be injected like a readily soluble substrate for superior distribution in situations where a slowly soluble substrate is desired.

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3. Slowly Soluble Substrates:

Substrates such as JRW’s LactOil® and ChitoRem® are slowly soluble in water but at the same time provide carbon for extended periods depending on advective velocity and microbial activity.

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3.1 LactOil®

LactOil® is a soy microemulsion that provides carbon for at least as long as standard vegetable oil emulsions. LactOil® contains ethyl lactate as part of the microemulsion to slowly provide highly efficient lactate to the aquifer over extended periods of time.

3.2. ChitoRem®

ChitoRem® is a solid complex containing chitin, calcium carbonate, and protein. The chitin acts as a slow release substrate while the protein drives an aquifer anaerobic very quickly. Both also contain the essential nutrient nitrogen to rapidly promote and maintain microbial growth. The calcium carbonate is in a form that slowly releases into the system without armouring to provide a long-term buffering agent.

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The selection of a substrate is site and project specific and should be conducted with the goals of the project in mind. Contact JRW for suggested uses based on your site-specific needs.