• Proprietary nutrient blend of yeast metabolites including B-vitamins and other soluble nutrients.

• Designed to be used with any carbon substrate to enhance microbial growth and activity and improve donor efficiency and kinetics.

Increase your donor efficiency and kinetics

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  • Increases the efficiency of electron donors.
  • Increases the rate of dechlorination to ethene.
  • Stimulates microbial growth and promotes the production of propionate over acetate


  • At a usage rate of 3% the fermentable fraction of your electron donor, adding Accelerite® costs pennies on the pound per total electron donor utilized

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Donor Enhanced

  • Lactates
  • Emulsified Vegetable Oils
  • Volatile fatty acid blends
  • Solids such as chitin and whey powders

Contaminants Treated

  • Chlorinated solvents
  • Perchlorate
  • RDX
  • Reduction of metals

Accelerite® - Uses - JRW Bioremediation, LLC

Typical biomass response to substrate input without Accelerite® – one magnitude of increase seen after 90 days.

Biomass response with Accelerite®, 2 orders of magnitude increase is seen after only 12 days.


LactOil® can degrade PCE to cis-DCE, vinyl chloride, and ethene quicker than other commercially available emulsified vegetable oil products.

Estimated efficiency increased over 5 times with addition of Accelerite® (estimated efficiency calculated as umoles electron donor used for dechlorination divided by the as umoles of electron donor added).

  • Contains growth factors, vitamin B12, and other micronutrients.
  • moisture (wt/wt): < 75%
  • Protein (wt/wt): > 7%
  • Fat (wt/wt): > 0.5%
  • Ash (wt/wt): > 0.5%
  • Dispersible in water
  • Color: dark brown


  • Store unopened under dry conditions at temperatures between 35°F and 85°F.
  • The shelf life of the unopened products is 1 year
  • Diluted products should be used within 3 days to avoid microbial growth and activity which may cause gas buildups in containers and visible growth which may foul equipment.
  • Following injection of material, wells should be flushed with clean water to prevent microbial growth.
  • Equipment decontamination should follow site-specific requirements. In most situations, any product residual should be flushed into the aquifer and then chased with clean water.


5-gallon pails

  • 46lbs
  • 2-3 weeks lead time required past receipt of a PO

55-gallon polyethylene drums

  • 506lbs
  • Available by special request