• 98% fermentable blend containing both quick release ethyl lactate and slow-release long-chain oleaginous materials.

• Designed for sites where a slow-release substrate is needed (i.e. sites with high mobilization/injection costs), DNAPL source treatment, PRBs, cutoff walls.


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High Fermentable Content

  • High organic content (over 95%) provides up to 30% more fermentables than standard emulsified vegetable oils.

Easy Material Handling

  • Low viscosity; readily mixes with water; no high shear mixing needed
  • Low injection pressure.
  • Longer shelf life

Increased Subsurface Distribution

  • Thermodynamically stable
  • Small particle size

LactOil® - Electron Donor Selection - JRW Bioremediation, LLC

Contaminants Treated

  • Chlorinated solvents
  • Perchlorate
  • RDX
  • Reduction of metals

Treatment Configurations

  • Source area treatment
  • Biobarrier treatment
  • Plume-wide treatment

Delivery Methods

  • Permanent injection wells
  • Direct push methods

Substrate Delivery - Injection Through Permanent Wells - JRW Bioremediation, LLC

LactOil® has an estimated electron donor longevity that is 2-3 times greater than other commercially available emulsified vegetable products.


When compared to other commercially available emulsified vegetable oil products, LactOil® has a higher ratio of electrons stimulating dechlorination than consumed by methanogenesis and acetogenesis.


LactOil® can degrade PCE to cis-DCE, vinyl chloride, and ethene quicker than other commercially available emulsified vegetable oil products.

A particle size analysis shows LactOil® particles are consistently smaller than 1 micron. Small particle size and stability allow for physical transport of material in the aquifer.
  • pH: buffered to > 6.5
  • Specific gravity: 0.95 at 20°C
  • Miscible in water; self-emulsifies
  • Color: clear brown liquid
  • Zeta potential: -83.0 mV
  • Particle size: < 1 micron
  • Viscosity: 25 cP at 70°F. Temperatures below 50°F will cause the material to become more viscose, and may solidify to the consistency of bacon grease. If this should happen, move the material to a warmer location and mix


  • Store unopened under dry conditions at temperatures between 50°F and 85°F.
  • Diluted product should be used within 3 days to avoid microbial growth and activity which may cause gas buildups in containers and visible growth which may foul equipment.
  • Following injection of material, wells should be flushed with clean water to prevent microbial growth.


5-gallon pails

  • 2-3 weeks lead time required past receipt of a PO

55-gallon polyethylene drums

  • 2-3 weeks lead time required past receipt of PO

265-gallon IBC totes

  • Special order - 4 weeks lead time required past receipt of PO


  • Special order - please contact us for specifics